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February 12, 2021: Ed Kopetsky, CIO for Stanford Children’s Health joins us. Ed is a CIO of the Year. He is a lifetime achievement award winner. He talks about what distinguishes a great CIO from a good one. The organizing principle during the pandemic is safety and speed. How do you determine what projects to do moving forward? What are the biggest challenges facing pediatric health in California today? What’s it like to work in the inspiring community of Silicon Valley? What’s the deal with the transparency rule and 21st Century Cures compliance? And learn about Ed’s incredible work on the Opioid task force made up of leading edge clinicians in addiction medicine.

Key Points:

  • Children's hospitals have really gone retail [00:04:35]
  • There's no flu season this year because of our isolation, not bringing people into clinics and using virtual care. So safety wise and quality wise, that's been a significant advancement. [00:14:55
  • Great CIO's have great networks [00:23:50
  • Children's hospitals are kind of like Switzerland. They have to partner with everybody. [00:34:45
  • Addiction is not an acute illness. It's a chronic lifelong illness. [00:44:00
  • When COVID hit, mental health went to the wayside again. Our overdose mortality rate is up 50%. [00:44:45
  • Stanford Children’s Health


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