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March 9, 2020: Welcome to another episode of This Week in Health IT for another industry influencer interview. Today on the show we are joined once again by Joe Petro, the CTO for Nuance, for an incredible conversation. In this episode, Joe shares an update on where they’re at in terms of Nuance’s ambient clinical intelligence (ACI), where that is heading next, and what progress they have made since last year. We also dive into the role of accuracy and how it transfers to ACI from technology such as Dragon Medical One. Finally, we talk about the Microsoft agreement that they did and how this partnership has formed over the last few years. So stay tuned for incredible insights from Joe on the latest at Nuance, and what to expect from their presentation

at the HIMSS Conference.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What Joe and his team from Nuance will be showcasing at HIMSS this year.
  • What they have learned over the last year as people interact with pilot technology.
  • The top takeaways from physicians using Dragon Medical One.
  • Accuracy rates achieved with Dragon Medical One: are they transferrable?
  • More detail about Nuance’s announcement with Microsoft.
  • How the partnership between Nuance and Microsoft developed.
  • The acceleration of ACI in the next year: where will expansion be focused?
  • Understanding Nuance’s conservative approach towards data usage and storage.


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