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March 10, 2021: City of Hope is a world-class cancer hospital with precision immunotherapy, T-cell and STEM cell medical therapies. CIO Patrick Anderson gives us a glimpse into his role in 2021. What work is top of mind right now? Physical moves to improve access to care are still needed. That’s why City of Hope has expanded into Orange County with huge success. But what about digital access to care? What did remote and virtual care look like during the pandemic in 2020? What are the technology priorities for 2021? From a purely fiscal standpoint some projects have dropped by the wayside. How do you decide which ones to go back to? What will the legacy of the pandemic on health IT be?

Key Points:

  • Throughout the pandemic we had to stop dozens of IT projects and create new ones [00:05:50
  • in 2021 we've really been able to move the ship from just building and delivering solutions to literally building business value [00:06:20
  • What are the silver linings of the pandemic? [00:12:35]
  • People don't want to go out. They don’t want to go to the hospital or the clinics. [00:16:10
  • We need automation everywhere, we need chat bots. We need artificial intelligence. We need prescriptive analytics. We need it all to sustain our growth. [00:19:42
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  • City of Hope


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