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August 7, 2020: Aneesh Chopra, First CTO for the US elaborates on 21st Century Cures. How should CIO’s prepare? How do we scale an interoperability strategy that is built on the patient's right of access? Our industry finally has a chance to self organize and standardize data elements for sharing. Why have the banking, education and energy industries beaten us to the punch? How do we approach intellectual property issues? We also look at payment reform and value based care.

Key Points:

  • Data sharing policies for COVID lab reporting [00:12:36
  • Interoperability in support of the patient equals better health outcomes, better health and a better community. [00:13:21]
  • One doctor who’s had an electronic record for 30 years can’t even give a list of patients who smoke because it was not a structured field in the EHR! [00:19:19
  • Why has healthcare, 10 years after the initial data set was published, not added a single data element beyond the minimum required in the open source domain? [00:21:33]
  • How dangerous is a compliance mindset? [00:27:47]
  •  21st Century Cures [00:28:05
  • Information blocking [00:32:16]
  • Intellectual property issues [00:33:33]
  • Apple Health [00:41:17]


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