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Aneesh Chopra

Co-Founder & President


Aneesh Chopra is a government executive, leader in technological innovation and former inaugural Chief Technology Officer of the United States appointed by Barack Obama. Chopra is known for using innovative and creative approaches to solve some of the most pressing issues facing a company or even our country.

After graduation from Johns Hopkins University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, Business Speaker Aneesh Chopra began work in the private sector working at a healthcare think tank called the Advisory Board Company. Soon into his career working in the private sector Chopra decided that he wanted to pursue working in public service and was appointed by Governor Tim Kaine to serve as Virginia’s Secretary of Technology.

Chopra used his position to aid families and small businesses around Virginia utilize technology to innovate, create jobs and improve the overall quality of life in for many. In 2009, President Barack Obama took note of the success Aneesh Chopra was having as Chief Technology Officer of Virginia and appointed him to become the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States. In his role as CTO Chopra was in charge of taking on some of the United States most pressing issues. Chopra used his experience and knowledge in the field of technology to help solve problems including job creation, national security and lowering health care costs.

Since his time as the CTO of the United States, Aneesh Chopra has run for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and authored the book Innovative State: How New Technologies Can Transform Government. He is currently a Senior Advisor at Albright Stonebridge Group.


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