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Field Report: Michigan Medicine with CIO Andrew Rosenberg, MD

June 5, 2020: Joining us today is Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, the CIO at Michigan Medicine. When the pandemic first hit the US, Dr. Rosenberg temporarily exchanged his CIO role for working on the frontlines and in the ICUs fighting the virus, but has since resumed him primary responsibility and has learned a great deal in the process. In terms of health IT, he discuses the sudden shift to remote work and how they are thinking about a sustainable solution, suggesting the possibly of a hybrid work model that involves both office and home time in the foreseeable future. There are, he says, certain events, tasks, and services that are best conducted in person and therefore a fully remote solution is not viable. However, the crisis has proven just how many jobs can be done from home and has had surprisingly good results, with productivity improving in some instance. Dr. Rosenberg also talks about the ups and downs of their telehealth systems, how his priorities for health IT has shifted during the crisis, and how they are reopening their services while remaining prepared to deal with a possible second surge. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What he has learned on the frontlines about people working together to help patients. 
  • The challenges of rapidly transitioning to remote work and trying operate it sustainably. 
  • Telehealth vendors that we helping versus those trying to take advantage of the situation. 
  • The possibilities of doing more work and delivering more services from remote locations. 
  • Considerations for developing a remote work model and the benefits of such a model.
  • The need for new measures of productivity and what it takes to monitor a remote workforce. 
  • Why a hybrid work model—including time at the office and at home—might be optimal. 
  • The long-term impact of the pandemic on future work models and how it will change society. 
  • Dr. Rosenberg’s priorities for health IT before, during, and coming out of COVID-19. 
  • Reopening certain services while also remaining prepared to manage a second surge. 
  • Dr. Rosenberg’s thoughts on whether colleges and sports events will reopen in the fall. 


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