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June 26, 2020: Welcome to another Field Report. Today Bill speaks with Jeffrey Sturman, CIO of Memorial Healthcare System, who provides context on how Florida has been dealing with COVID-19 and where the healthcare world is headed. Jeff discusses Memorial’s successes within their nursing homes and how this comes down to communications policy and their unique ability to perform their own tests. Bill then asks Jeff about Memorial’s response to the pandemic and how they’ve managed to scale up their telehealth structures. Jeff details the challenges that his organization has faced with telehealth and the need for providers to use non-standard platforms like Zoom to see patients. After emphasizing that telehealth needs a ‘one-click’ solution for accessing providers, Jeff talks about the benefits of virtual care, including the potential for family members to become involved in consultations. Jeff and Bill discuss how Memorial is handling its ‘work-at-home’ situation before focusing on hard-hitting questions about what the future looks like for Memorial Health’s IT priorities. Jeff shares his thoughts on how telehealth fits in with his mobile and social strategy of engaging consumers and about the importance of business intelligence and analytics. Finally, Jeff talks about how he’s preparing for a second surge of patients. Jeff’s insights are valuable in understanding the shifts in the health IT landscape, so tune in now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jeff provides context on COVID-19 in Florida and Memorial Healthcare’s caseload.
  • How Memorial Healthcare has played a leadership role within their county. 
  • Their success in nursing homes is due to a policy of education, communication, and testing.
  • The importance of telehealth to Memorial Healthcare’s pandemic response. 
  • How they scaled-up their existing telehealth structures to deal with the pandemic. 
  • The challenge of having patients adopt standardized telehealth platforms.
  • The need for ‘one-click’ telehealth solutions. 
  • Telehealth’s potential to bring family members into consultations. 
  • How iPads are helping patients communicate with providers.
  • Jeff’s thoughts on work-from-home and how it’s becoming the ‘new-normal’.
  • Memorial’s priorities; customer engagement, virtual care, and analytics. 
  • How Memorial is preparing for a potential second surge of patients.


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