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Jeffrey Sturman

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Memorial Healthcare System

Jeff Sturman is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Memorial Healthcare System/South Broward Hospital District. Previously he was a Partner with Cumberland Consulting Group, a national healthcare IT consultancy. He is experienced in the planning, management and facilitation of large system implementation projects, organizational change, operational impacts, and overall governance. He is an accomplished, results-driven executive with demonstrated success leading healthcare information technology initiatives.

Mr. Sturman has 25 years of healthcare experience, with the great majority of his time being focused on system implementations. Mr. Sturman has experience facilitating diverse groups, including executives, physicians, revenue cycle, clinical staff, and IT in order to drive complex initiatives to success.



At Memorial healthcare our instruction of education, communication, and testing helped significantly and has been a unique success within nursing homes.
The challenge is to make telehealth an easy transition — we’ve used things like FaceTime and Zoom. We didn’t want to get in the way of providing care to patients as effectively as they choose.
You hear stories about behavioral issues and so much mental anguish coming out of schooling from home. I think the same thing applies to us as adults. Some can work very effectively from home. And some just can't. So it's really important as an employer to give them a hybrid world as an option.
We are piloting voice recognition in the hospital environment. Things as simple as turn my lights off, lower my shades, lower my temperature, talk to the nursing unit. We did this early in the pandemic to cut down on PPE, but I think each use case is going to show up broadly in hospital settings.
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