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August 13, 2021: In healthcare we spend too much time focusing on the tech and not enough time focusing on the world we live in. And the people that we're serving. Health consumers today think that healthcare is more confusing, more complex and more costly than ever before. And they're dissatisfied. That’s where Transcarent comes in. Imagine everything you need in one place, easy to understand and with the ability to talk to a doctor or order medication within 60 seconds. Now that’s progress. Glen Tullman, their CEO has vast healthcare experience including Allscripts and Livongo. He shares how Transcarent is setting the stage for the best interests of YOU, the healthcare consumer. Finally you're in charge. You're giving the orders. 

Key Points:

  • If we look at where healthcare over the last 20 years it really hasn't made the progress we all expected [00:02:16
  • When you have 3 of the largest, smartest employers in the world, Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway come to you and say, you are so bad we're going to form our own company to do just what you do. That should be a wake-up call. [00:12:55
  • The number one cause of bankruptcy in the US is healthcare [00:15:35
  • Today what you have is electronic health records that are fundamentally big, dumb data repositories that aren't easy to use [00:35:40
  • Transcarent


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