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As CEO of Transcarent, the first comprehensive, consumer-directed health and care platform for employees of self-insured employers and their families, I look forward to changing the consumer healthcare experience. Born in Silicon Valley, Transcarent’s platform empowers consumers with the kind of information, guidance and access that leads to better care, better outcomes, and more cost-effective decisions for everyone.

Additionally, after seven years with Livongo, I have rejoined 7WireVentures, the early stage venture capital firm that I founded with my long-time business partner and friend Lee Shapiro, which has become one of the country’s most successful funds.

In my former role as Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and most recently, Executive Chairman of Livongo, we led the company through the largest consumer digital health Initial Public Offering in history, a secondary offering, a convertible debt offering that raised over $540 million, and the industry’s largest merger ever between Livongo and Teladoc Health, valuing Livongo at $18.5 billion and beginning a new era of consumer centric virtual care.

I’ve been lucky to lead two other amazing public companies that changed the way health care is delivered. What seems like a very long time ago, I was Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX), which was at the time, the leading provider of electronic health records, practice management, and electronic prescribing systems, where I led the IPO and secondary offerings. Prior to Allscripts, I was Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Systems, which I also took public and then sold to McKesson/HBOC.

In October of 2020, under the leadership of Hemant Taneja, I joined the Board of the Health Assurance Acquisition Corp., a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) with Dr. Stephen Klasko, Dr. Jennifer Schneider, Quentin Clark, and Anita V. Pramoda. Our mission is to partner with leading health and care businesses leveraging technology. We aim to support their efforts to become iconic category winners that accelerate the digital transformation of existing healthcare into a new system of health assurance.

Given how strongly I believe in giving back, I’m proud to serve as a Chancellor to the International Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and a Director on the Board of the American Diabetes Association. Both organizations are focused on finding cures for diabetes and keeping people healthy until we do and on issues like insulin affordability and access to care.



The reason I started Transcarent was because we have an urgent problem in healthcare today. And that problem is that every day people aren't getting the care they need. They're paying too much for the care. We're denying care. We have a broken healthcare system.
Today what you have is electronic health records that are fundamentally big, dumb data repositories that aren't easy to use. Think about Silicon Valley. If you said to anybody, your system is so complex you need a scribe to help you enter the data. They would look at you and say, thats the picture child for bad software.
In the past, if you needed surgery and you were the CEO, you figured out the best place to go. If you were the janitor, you went wherever was closest that they told you to go and it was on network. You had no say. Was it a high-quality place? You didn't know what it cost. Transcarent are changing that. We're saying whether you're the CEO or whether you're the janitor, you get world-class service when you're talking about surgery or other medical procedures.
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