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Digital Acceleration with Jason Joseph of Spectrum Health

December 18, 2020: For a lot of organizations COVID was an accelerator. Jason Joseph shares Spectrum Health’s speed of lightning pandemic response. Managing virtual visits was the first piece of the puzzle. How did they put together virtual waiting rooms, digital check-in and COVID screening chat bots? Is there such a thing as a one-click telehealth visit? What tools did they utilize to get real-time information into the hands of the care providers? How did their leadership team adapt to working from home? How are they communicating? Can they maintain that sense of team spirit, comradery, collaboration and creativity? When you go fast with data and analytics, whatever tech debt you have on data governance shows up. If you don't stabilize and understand where you are, you can’t make it work at lightspeed in an agile way and you definitely can’t predict where you're going to be.

Key Points:

  • One of the first things we did when COVID hit was to reframe ourselves [00:05:37
  • We need to recognize that digital isn't just about the tech. Digital is rethinking the way our business operates and how we actually perform those services. [00:07:15
  • One of the most heartbreaking things is how isolated people are in this disease because of the physical separation [00:15:30
  • We know that we can be as productive, if not more productive in a work from home environment [00:21:41
  • Agile not only helps the work get organized. It fundamentally brings the people who know what they need and the people who can deliver it and puts them together and says figure it out with a structure. [00:25:15
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