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June 17, 2020: What is coming out of Washington DC these days during COVID? How are health systems receiving funding? Is there more on the way? What is the sentiment around distribution? We also discuss the Cares Act. Joining us is Mari Savickis, VP of Public Policy at CHIME and Andrew Tomlinson, Director of Federal Affairs also from CHIME. 

Key Points:

  • The Cares Act COVID-19 telehealth program [00:03:05
  • How much money is available? [00:04:30]
  • Will we get more funding? [00:06:00]
  • The 21st Century Cures Act [00:07:00]
  • Everything has been turned upside down with the COVID crisis [00:07:30]
  • Information blocking rules [00:08:30]
  • Trump’s new executive order to remove regulatory barriers [00:12:30
  • Unique patient identifier [00:18:30]

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