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Adapting your Health System Post Pandemic with Jeff Sturman of Memorial Healthcare

January 8, 2021: How has your healthcare system adapted this year? Jeff Sturman, CIO for Memorial Healthcare talks vaccine distribution, one-click telehealth visits, care at home, call centers and social media. Is the silver bullet the vaccine? We have to hope that's the case. How are you going with your planning, testing, piloting and protocols? What are you looking at in terms of a frictionless workflow for one-click telehealth visits? Is Epic playing a major part? What about FaceTime, Doximity or American Well? During a pandemic you have to make whatever IT you have available work for you and your patients. Going forward, how do you clean it up and bring everybody into a standard workflow and standard procedures? What are some of the ways you're utilizing new channels to connect with patients and your community? And is there a change in how we're thinking about new acute care facilities or clinics? 

Key Points:

  • What is the workflow for a one-click telehealth visit? [00:12:55
  • Investing in an Epic remote patient monitor [00:22:55
  • Hand washing compliance technology [00:20:50
  • Changes in regulatory resulted in an explosion of telehealth earlier this year [00:22:30
  • Moving from work from home to hybrid hoteling type solutions [00:25:20
  • Bot technology, omni-channel texting and chatting functionality [00:30:45
  • Memorial Healthcare System


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