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Bridget Barnes


Oregon Health & Science University

Bridget Barnes is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon.   OHSU is Portland’s largest employer with over 18,000 employees and an annual budget of  nearly $4B.  As Oregon’s only academic medical center, OHSU’s academic, research and healthcare missions support not only the state but provide leadership and service with nationally recognized programs of excellence.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, Bridget’s career has focused on information technology, information security technology and compliance, strategic planning, and governance. As a highly collaborative leader, she brings the ability to conceptualize long-term strategies while driving tactical execution, eliminating barriers and enabling cultural transformation.

In her current role, she leads transformation efforts in digital health and advanced research capabilities, with an annual budget of  $150M and a team of 800 technology professionals charged with the design and delivery of effective, efficient, and culturally aligned systems, process, digital platforms, and tools which strengthen OHSU’s strategies.

As a seasoned executive, Bridget has successfully led major business transformation efforts such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, electronic health record (EHR) implementations, acquisition and integration of new businesses, enterprise wide strategic planning and execution, as well as implementation of innovative technology solutions.  She is often brought into situations to drive turnaround solutions:  resolving enterprise level compliance issues, bringing order to complex compensation issues, and solving customer issues.  Her authentic leadership style with a strong focus on transparency, providing a voice of understanding and supporting for individuals while being candid about the reality of choices that must be made, brings the ability to drive alignment of strategy to execution at all levels of an organization.  Bridget is a trusted colleague and has a passion for leveraging a broad perspective to address complex problems.

Throughout her career, she has served a variety of national organizations in advancing the field of technology in the domains of healthcare, research and academia.  She is a Certified Health Chief Information Officer (CHCIO) and has engaged in many leadership, change management, and disaster response and recovery trainings.

Bridget is a is a first-generation college graduate who grew up in a rural environment.  She embraces lifelong learning and teaching, leveraging her experience to mentor others, especially women in STEM.   She has been an active participant in mentoring programs such as those provided by the College of Health Information Management Executives, the Girl Scouts of America Cyber-Badge program as well as unstructured mentoring activities within her professional communities in technology as well as academic medicine.



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