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Andrew Sorenson

Chief Analytics Officer


Andrew Sorenson is the Chief Analytics Officer at Castell, an Intermountain Healthcare Company.

A creative, strategic thinker, motivated by improving the world around him. He has a knack for breaking complex problems into discreet questions which can be answered with data in order to identify the best course of action for executives and other senior leaders.

Andrew created and lead a large, multi-disciplinary analytics team responsible for answering key strategic questions facing Intermountain Healthcare as the company navigates the transition from a volume-based to a value-based business model.

In past roles, he haas developed expertise in executing revenue cycle analytics, carrying out analyses using Oracle SQL, creating macros and other complex functions in Microsoft Excel to automate reporting functions, utilizing IBM - Cognos and other BI tools, and analyzing payer / provider contracts in a way that easily identified opportunities for increasing revenue. He now focuses on teaching these skills to others while also working as an internal consultant on teams which span Intermountain's operations.



Overwhelmingly care teams want to ensure that they're providing really high quality and low cost care to their patients. And they're deeply engaged in ensuring that their patients get the best outcome. And what I've seen is that that makes them really primed for adoption of new tools and processes that are aimed at achieving those outcomes.
Castell has built a set of reporting tools that not only give people a broad view of how they're performing but also help them very quickly focus in on the things that need their attention. I think these tools will add value to someone at the most senior level of an organization, because they're very busy and they want to know the 3 or 4 things that they need to be worrying about.
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