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Nick White

Executive Vice President


Nick White

Nick White is the Co-Creator of OrbitaASSIST | Voice in the Enterprise | Conversational AI in Health | Patient Care Solutions.

How can we positively impact the way we live and work through the use of conversational AI and cognitive automation? AI is already changing the way we work and interact every day. Nick's passion is working on the difficult challenges that cognitive technology (especially voice and NLP) can be applied to, and creating compelling business and consumer interactions to take advantage of this next generation of technology.

He works with a global perspective at the executive level and is known as someone that gets it done. Prior to joining Orbita, he spent two decades with Deloitte, leading their smarter healthcare solutions team. He has led large scale business operations transformation programs, supporting clients to release large scale value across a range of economic cycles.

His proudest achievements include his beautiful family, seeing the achievements of the people I have worked with over the years, and the development of the ASSIST solution into a multi-award winning product shaping the future of clinical communications and making a difference in the lives of residents, patients and care teams.



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