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Karl West

Sirius Healthcare

Karl is the Chief Information Security Officer for Healthcare at Sirius. Sirius Healthcare is dedicated to providing IT solutions specific to the healthcare industry’s unique needs and requirements. Formerly Chief Information Security Officer at Intermountain Healthcare, Karl has been a leader and influencer in healthcare security for over 24 years. Nationally recognized for his work at Intermountain, Karl is highly sought after for his Security expertise, speaking and consulting for numerous organizations and engagements across the country.

As a first responder, Karl is personally involved in the delivery of patient care and has a deep understanding and appreciation of healthcare technology needs. He sits on numerous boards including the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, the Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security, and CHIME. He also spends a good amount of time in Washington DC advising senate and house committees on regulatory and legal concerns around healthcare and security.

With experience and expertise in strategic planning, risk management, governance, security architecture and design, data inventory, IAM, legal discovery, threat and vulnerability, and critical incident management, Karl helps Sirius’ clients design and implement best cyber security practices and architectures that fit their specific needs.

Karl received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and later a master’s degree in Business Administration.



A good organizational governance body for cybersecurity pulls together five or six key leaders that include a CMO, a CNO, a CFO, a COO, somebody from legal and somebody from clients. The chair of the group should not be the CISO. The CISO is the advisor. The educator. They become the person who informs what the risk is and what that has to do in the context of the business strategy.
Take a little bit of time up front before you engage in the technology. Get the security engineering happening, get the design, get the process and get the playbooks put into place. It can save you on the investments significantly because people are your key resource. If we can get people engaged, they're going to catch a high majority of these phish attacks that are coming in.
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