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What happens when cybersecurity attacks are detrimental to your patient’s health?

In a world full of cyber villains, be a hero by staying vigilant with best practices against cyber attacks,​ and ​most​ importantly, keep your patient’s safety a priority. We’ll give you the best intel on how to budget for cybersecurity, prioritize it, and have conversations with your board to showcase the importance of cybersecurity outside of insurance.

We’re hosting this webinar on November 3rd, where Bill Russell will moderate a discussion on cybersecurity as a patient safety issue, budgeting, project priority, and communication. Our speakers on this webinar include Dan Anderson, Chief Information Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer, Lifescan, Todd Richardson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Aspirus,​ and ​Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader​,​ Proofpoint.

Panelists Webinar: Proofpoint - Cybersecurity in Healthcare: The Cost and Impact on Patient Safety and Care

Check out the Ponemon Report- Cyber Insecurity in Healthcare: The Cost and Impact on Patient Safety and Care

We’re urging health systems to rethink the importance of cybersecurity and invest in what matters.

Join us for a conversation illuminating a safer and more stable health system. Utilizing this discussion covering all the topics in-depth, we can create a more secure tomorrow.

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