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Move Epic to Azure, Several Case Studies

February 24, 2022 01:00 PM ET
  • A hybrid public cloud strategy can deliver value, speed and security. It can minimize challenges and maximize application and service delivery, while safely migrating, managing, and running applications.
  • The hybrid approach leverages public cloud elasticity to reduce costs, provide flexibility for healthcare IT teams, and allow leaders to make the right financial and architectural decisions. A hybrid cloud strategy can also provide staggering saving opportunities for health systems regarding application virtualization environments, eliminating the need for hardware refreshes can result in up to millions of dollars in savings.
  • But these attractive opportunities beg the question: who owns cloud in your organization?
  • If you’re looking to adopt or build a cloud strategy, how do you increase buy-in with stakeholders and bring leadership on board? What tools and strategy are critical for a successful deployment? Will a transition disrupt critical business processes? How can you optimize your cloud environment, identify gaps, remediate any technicalities, and re-architect for maximum efficiency?
  • These questions persist for any individual leading the charge on hybrid cloud strategy in their health system. But building a successful hybrid cloud strategy requires time, resources, and navigating layers of complexity required to design, implement and migrate workloads to the cloud.
  • Healthcare has been historically slow to explore and adopt public cloud for many reasons, but this has shifted significantly over the last 2 years, driven by the current pandemic. Additionally, this increased pressure on public cloud vendors has led to focus on the unique needs of healthcare, EHR maturity, and the need to reduce costs.
  • Learn from the experts on how to navigate these challenges, gain support, and properly collaborate with solution providers. Get into the gritty of understanding, building, and deploying a successful hybrid cloud strategy in your organization. Join the conversation to learn how to make the entire process faster, more affordable, and less frustrating.

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