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Organizations must modernize their data and intelligence efforts to stay competitive in today's market successfully and this requires understanding how people interact within your organization. Before making any changes you will want every aspect covered by effective technology, including functionality or user experience. Healthcare platforms should be designed with clear architecture to adapt as new technologies arise; this way, the platform will still serve its purpose even if newer options are available tomorrow.

Without a doubt, there is no "poster child" for analytics in healthcare. Instead, various organizations are doing well across different aspects. By studying these examples, we can learn from our successes while applying them to modern data platforms, which are becoming increasingly popular within the industry due to their ability to provide better care at lower costs and improve patient experiences.

Join this webinar on December 7th at 1 PM EST with our expert guest panelist Jared Nunes Executive Director, Informatics & Analytics for MemorialCare, Lee Pierce Healthcare Chief Data Officer for Sirius healthcare a CDW company, and Rex Washburn Head of Modern Data Platforms for CDW.

Panelists CDW Modernizing Data Platform - This Week Health

Panelists CDW Modernizing Data Platform - This Week Health






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