Sean Deuby brings 30 years’ experience in Enterprise IT and Hybrid Identity to his role as Director of Services at Semperis. An original architect and technical leader of Intel's Active Directory, Texas Instrument’s Windows NT network, and 15-time MVP alumnus, Sean has been involved with Microsoft identity technology since its inception. His experience as an identity strategy consultant for many Fortune 500 companies gives him a broad perspective on the challenges of today's identity-centered security. Sean is also an industry journalism veteran; as former technical director for Windows IT Pro, he has over 400 published articles on Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and related security, and Windows Server. He has presented sessions at multiple CIS / Identiverse conferences. 

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Matt Sickles in the Executive Healthcare Strategist at CDW Healthcare. With over 30 years of experience in leading-edge Information Security- and Technology-related fields, joining as an Executive Healthcare Strategist on the CDW Healthcare team is a compliment to a career that focuses on the protection of information and people.
Proven experience and expertise in the areas of architecture and design; policy development; and leadership draws on multi-disciplinary experience in local, state, and federal government; along with national, and global environments.
While at home in central North Carolina, he and his wife Dolly reside on a small farm located on Hickory Mountain in Chatham County.
Dolly, a published author and freelance writer, enjoys the outdoors and spending time with their son, Peyton, who is an accomplished photojournalist and freelance photographer who lives in Chapel Hill, NC. Their Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy Marmalade, joined the family in February of this year. Their rooster, Willie Nelson and chickens: June Carter Cash, Lady Gaga, Lilac, Maude, and Scarlet complete this motley crew.
When not at work, hobbies include: amateur radio (W2BYV), beekeeping, gardening, hiking, travel, and welding .

Founder & Host of This Week in Health IT

Bill Russell has served on executive teams in healthcare, higher education and Fortune 500 consulting practices.

As Chief Information Officer for St. Joseph Health, a 16 hospital $6.5 billion system, he rapidly accelerated the diffusion of new IT strategies and methods, while also enhancing organization stability and improved IT performance.   This was accomplished by adopting emerging models like cloud, agile development and investing in two successful startups.

Bill provides executive coaching to health leaders with an emphasis on technology and futures.  In addition he provides advisory services to healthcare providers, health tech startups, and investors through Health Lyrics.

On This Week in Health IT, Bill utilizes his experience to prompt leaders, innovators and organizations to share their stories in a conversational style to capture the wisdom of the industry

Amplify great thinking to propel healthcare forward and raise up the next generation of health leaders.

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