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Vugar Zeynalov

Chief Information Security Officer

Cleveland Clinic

Vugar Zeynalov is an accomplished IT executive with over two decades of leadership experience delivering powerful brand differentiation though business-focused security services and cultivation of world-class security talent. His approach to cyber risk helps businesses in heavily regulated global markets achieve success through high-stakes acquisitions, business expansions, and the adoption of emerging technologies.

He is sought out as a trusted advisor to business and technology leaders because of his aptitude for presenting complex matters of cybersecurity and technology risk management in a thoughtful and engaging manner. This accessible insight into cybersecurity as a value driver helps business leaders navigate a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape to realize success in operational planning and long-range strategic objectives.

In his current role, Vugar presides over all enterprise cybersecurity functions, working with a team of security professionals to build and execute innovative strategies for managing cyber risks to the Cleveland Clinic digital platform.


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