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Todd Carlson

VP of Application Development and Enterprise Architecture


Todd Carlson is a hands-on, collaborative IT leader who excels in merging corporate strategies with technical innovation. His expertise lies in enhancing the unique characteristics of an organization's people and services by applying technology creatively, thereby boosting business performance and carving out competitive edges. Todd is passionate about molding organizations and their technologies to spearhead disruptive digital transformations.

With a strategic mind and a bold leadership style, he possesses deep technical knowledge that equips him to address a wide array of business and technological challenges. Todd boasts a strong track record of propelling transformational change, spearheading critical initiatives, and delivering substantial value.

He shines in his ability to recruit, mentor, and expand engineering organizations, all while crafting exceptional leadership teams. His areas of expertise are vast, encompassing technology planning and roadmap development, agile and lean methodologies, program execution, and leadership of IT organizations. Additionally, he is proficient in team building, development, and leadership, enterprise application planning, change management, business transformation, strategic planning, and fiduciary management. Todd Carlson stands out as a leader who not only understands the technical side of IT but also the human aspect, fostering growth and innovation wherever he leads.



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