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Could the equivalent be happening in healthcare right now?

American colleges and universities recorded their largest drop in cash inflows in decades this past academic year, thanks to a big drop in enrollment and a lack of room-and-board revenue from the students who did enroll but took their courses online.

But that was just the start. Now that a generation of would-be applicants has grown used to online learning, the business of higher education will likely never be the same again.

more respectable not-for-profit schools—like Purdue Global, Southern New Hampshire University and Arizona State University—now rival them in online enrollment.

And perhaps most alarming for the college-industrial complex, Google has launched certificate programs that it says it will treat as the equivalent of four-year college for hiring purposes.

Every student that opts for an online college degree—or the Google equivalent—is another student that won’t be shelling out for the far-higher cost of a traditional education. And fewer students necessarily mean fewer colleges.

Interesting parallels but not a perfect proxy.  

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