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Steve Grubbs

Founder and CEO


Steve Grubbs is the Founder and CEO of VictoryXR. After founding the company in 2016, Steve lead the VXR team to winning the Global Education Innovation of the Year award in 2021. Before founding VXR, Steve founded two other successful ventures. Steve served in the State of Iowa Legislator from 1991-1997, sitting as Chair of the House Education Committee. He holds a B.B.A. in Finance and J.D. from The University of Iowa.



What I'm trying to get the whole higher education and workplace training and education universe to think about is how the Fortnite generation is now coming into higher education and into the workplace. We can take this generation and force them into the old ways but I have a feeling that the new ways are going to emerge and a lot of that is immersive. In an AR VR PC computer sort of way, it's socially kinesthetic gamified. If we can meet them where they're at, I think we're going to be more successful with training and also gain stronger and happier employees.
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