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Sumit Sehgal

Senior Information Security and Technology Executive


Sumit Sehgal is the Former Chief Technical Strategist for McAfee. For the last 20 years, he has pursued his passion for understanding best practices of “sustainable” security program design with the ever changing landscape of human factors and technology innovation. By utilizing elements from his research interests pertaining to contextualization of information security data, to applied enterprise risk, he helps organizations design and implement practices that influence behavior to achieve organic buy in to information risk management.

His areas of research interests include enterprise analytics tie in to traditional SIEM, Workforce generational dynamics and their perspectives on information security risk and finally Nanotechnology.



One of the things McAfee has done is identify the process of how we share usage data. This is looking at policies configuration on one side and reporting on the other side. How do I manage a system workflow? Not prescriptively. But predictively.
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