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229 Risk and Security Community Roundtable
229 Secuity and Risk Roundtable
229 Security and Risk Roundtable
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As a veteran of the US Air Force and many Healthcare roles, I know that Cybersecurity is a tough battle. We don't have enough money, we're facing big challenges, and things are disorganized. The best thing I can do is bring Healthcare Cybersecurity leaders together.

Cybersecurity leadership is really hard, so having a group where people really understand what it takes and know how to help each other is critical.

Drex DeFord
Drex DeFord Security and Risk Community Builder
229 // The 229 Project
// The 229 Project
On February 29th, 2020 (2/29), the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the United States. This sparked an enormous upheaval in healthcare and demonstrated how poorly connected healthcare leaders were. The 229 Project seeks to change this by bringing together healthcare technology leaders in a relaxed atmosphere to have transformative conversations.

The 229 Security & Risk Community focuses on healthcare cybersecurity leaders. By being in the room with each other, the conversation is tailored to their specific needs and a long lasting community is formed. Our goal is that each healthcare cybersecurity leader will have peers to help them navigate the many challenges they face. Together, we can transform healthcare cybersecurity one connection at a time.
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