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Ryan Baker

VP of Sales


Ryan Baker serves as the VP of sales at Rubrik, a leading software platform for cloud data management and protection. He holds a significant role in the organization, leveraging his vast expertise to deliver effective solutions for healthcare data management. With his leadership and knowledge in the field, Rubrik often rises above the challenges posed by the ever-changing healthcare technology landscape.

Prior to joining Rubrik, Baker made a name for himself in various leadership roles within the healthcare technology sector. His consistent dedication to innovation and problem-solving has allowed him to foster lasting relationships with clients while streamlining their healthcare data operations. His credible experience in technology-driven healthcare solutions is a testament to his profound understanding of the unique data management needs of the sector.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Baker is also known for his thought leadership contributions in the area of healthcare data management. His insightful articles have been published across various digital platforms, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of data management in healthcare. He is recognized for his practical approach towards resolving complex healthcare data challenges, making him a trusted and respected voice in the industry.



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