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Roeland Pelgrims


Nobi BV

Roeland Pelgrims is a passionate advocate of both intra- and entrepreneurship, boasting an impressive educational background. He holds an MBA from Vlerick Business School and possesses degrees in linguistics, law, and communications psychology. Demonstrating his entrepreneurial drive, Roeland launched his first company at the young age of 20, accumulating extensive experience as an entrepreneur, manager, and board member.

As a co-founder of NOBI, a smart care innovator, Roeland actively contributes to the team's mission of enhancing the lives of elderly individuals through advanced technology, specifically the implementation of a smart care lamp. Additionally, in his role as co-founder of OHLIVE Villas, Roeland takes great pleasure in bringing architectural beauty to the captivating Greek island of Skiathos.

Roeland frequently serves as a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as Rotterdam School of Management and Vlerick Business School. Currently, he is personally involved as a partner, investor, or board member in multiple companies, including those in the fields of medical technology, real estate, and smart home solutions.

With a passion for elevating vibrant team dynamics, focus, and agility within start-ups and scale-ups, Roeland excels at assisting companies in creating sustainable value for their stakeholders. He possesses a strong drive for business development and deal making, making it his specialty to facilitate company growth.

Ever on the lookout for new business opportunities and partnerships, Roeland warmly invites individuals to visit him for coffee and a chat at Cowhill Studio, a co-working space he hosts in the picturesque city of Antwerp.

Roeland's areas of expertise span entrepreneurship, strategy, innovation, organizational design, internationalization, negotiation, and business development. Importantly, he also values the element of fun in his endeavors.

On a personal note, Roeland has a keen interest in jetskis and martial arts, and he is an avid piano enthusiast. Above all, he takes immense pride in being a loving father to his wonderful children, whom he considers the best in the world.



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