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Joy Rios


Chirpy Bird Health IT Consulting

Joy Rios is Co-Podcast Host at HIT Like a Girl podcast and Broken Healthcare podcast and Co-Founder of Chirpy Bird Health IT Consulting.

Over the past 10 years, she has been a passionate student of value-based care and is determined to share her findings. She has written 5 books on navigating value-based programs:

- MIPS Manual 2020
- MIPS Manual 2019
- Your Ultimate Guide to MIPS, 2018 Edition
- ABC's of Quality Reporting - Your 2016 Roadmap for Health IT Initiatives, including PQRS, Value-based Modifier, and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System
- ABC's of PQRS - Your 2015 Guide to Successfully Participating in the Physician Quality Reporting System

Master of Business Administration
Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist - Practice Workflow (CHTS - PW)
Certified MU/Incentives Audit Specialist (CMAS)

Top 5 Strengths:
- Strategic, Analytical, Achiever, Futuristic, Learner

• Communicating complicated topics in a way that is easily understandable
• Systems thinker
• Ability to work independently or on a project team
• Ability to work effectively with non-technical and technical staff and vendors, including C-Suite
• Reliable and flexible self-starter with the ability to multi-task in a high-stress environment
• People person, knowing how to approach people in time-sensitive pressure situations while maintaining a sense of humor and "going forward" approach to problems
• Proactive attitude and an ability to think laterally, providing ideas and solutions
• Subject Matter Expert in MIPS/MACRA

Goal: To modernize healthcare through EHR and Health IT solutions, in the effort to build value, mitigate risk, improve operating efficiency while also improving outcomes and contributing to a national culture of wellness.

Interests: Population Health, Social Determinates of Health

Specialties: Program and Project Management, MIPS/MACRA, EHR training, Accounting and Financial analysis



In healthcare we are often dealing with a 5,000 piece puzzle, trying to understand how they all connect. But some pieces are the ugly underbelly parts. Not at all fun to talk about but still important pieces in understanding how the system works.
Data access is a conversation we've been having over and over again. When I hear about people who can get information on their pet, from their vet, within minutes, without any issues, it just seems sad. We have done a better job to make sure that our animal’s medical records are more available than people.
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