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Renee Yao

Global Healthcare AI Startups Business Development Lead


Renee Yao is the Global Healthcare AI Startups Business Development Lead at NVIDIA.

I'm a product-driven and extremely motivated individual with a passion to understand how frontier technology can improve customers’ experience. I am known for uncovering intrinsic user pain points for better product narratives, features, and positioning. My user-first mindset empowers me to go beyond my job descriptions, identify the next cutting edge products and beneficial features, develop data driven and customer centric messaging, and execute global Go-To-Market (GTM) plans.

• Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning(DL), and data science
• Product, project and program management
• Product user research, personas, competitive positioning, product messaging
• Sales/channel enablement and solution evangelist via public speaking, blogging, social media, global events, webinars, digital content development



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