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Paula Edwards

Consultant, Analytics & Data Governance Practice Leader


Paula Edwards, PhD is a Consultant, Analytics & Data Governance Practice Leader at Himformatics.

Analytics aficionado, data governance coach, healthcare data translator and human-centered design advocate.

An industrial engineer focused on the use of information technology to improve quality, efficiency, and safety in healthcare. Twenty plus years of experience in design and implementation of analytics and data governance solutions including strategic planning, analytics/data warehousing design & implementation, data governance design and implementation, workflow redesign, clinical & business outcome evaluation, vendor selections, Meaningful Use/MACRA readiness, and IT usability evaluations.



It’s absolutely critical to have healthcare data translators. You have the technology people who speak their language and the business and clinical people who speak a different language. Translators like me have enough expertise about what both sides are trying to accomplish. We can help translate between those groups to really make an impact.
I think at its very nature, healthcare data and especially clinical data is just messy. It's unstructured and it's being captured by a lot of different people about a lot of different patients that are a highly varied population.
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