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Patrick Potter

Solutions Marketing

RSA Security

Patrick Potter is the Solutions Marketing at RSA Security where he helps define and market RSA solutions and products to better serve our customers.

Prior to RSA, Patrick spent over 25 years leading business continuity, internal audit, strategic planning, process improvement and related activities at Fortune 500 companies in both industry and consulting roles.

Patrick has developed a broad perspective working with analysts, partners and customers spanning such industries as financial services, higher education, manufacturing, high-tech, healthcare, and media and hospitality. He has been a speaker for the Institute of Internal Auditors, Disaster Recovery Journal, RSA Archer Summit, Financial Executives Networking Group, Association of Continuity Planners and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Patrick has also contributed various thought leadership articles for Continuity Insights, SC Magazine and Disaster Recovery Journal.

Specialties: Business Continuity Management, Internal Audit, Six Sigma, Process Reengineering, Sarbanes Oxley



We really help customers manage the whole lifecycle of security and risk, and do it in an integrated way. One of the biggest challenges is silos within organizations. There’s different groups and different teams and they don’t follow the same standards or approaches to managing security and risk.
Believe it or not, bad actors are increasing their work during this pandemic, even against the healthcare industry.
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