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Paddy Padmanabhan

Founder and CEO

Damo Consulting Inc.

Paddy Padmanabhan works with healthcare enterprises, global technology firms, and emerging health IT companies to enable and accelerate digital transformation in healthcare.

We’re in the early stages of technology-led transformation in the healthcare sector. The opportunities from digitalization are limitless, but the roadmap is still being defined. After decades of leading global tech healthcare business units and successful health IT startups, Paddy founded Damo Consulting to help forge that path.

His book, “The Big Unlock” and the companion podcast featuring some of the brightest thought leaders in health IT and digital transformation are designed to help create a clear roadmap for the future of digital health. He invites you to join him in exploring these ideas for innovation and digital transformation.

☛ The book:
☛ The podcast:

The greatest reward in his job is helping clients think through tradeoffs and solutions in complex decisions involving technology and digital strategy. It’s exciting for him to see the results in strategic focus, brand transformation, market growth, and innovation in healthcare enterprises and the technology providers who serve them.

Connect with Paddy to discuss your organization’s goals in digital healthcare innovation and transformation, share your insights, and learn more about how Damo can help.


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