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December 17, 2021: Welcome to one of our End of Year Shows. Bill takes us through the team’s favorite Newsday moments of 2021 including empathy through technology with Anne Weiler, CISO board topics with Drex DeFord, work, life, balance with Dr. Sanaz Cordes, the future of remote work with Sue Schade, maintaining company culture with Lee Milligan, Big Tech in healthcare with Dr. Eric Quniones and much much more. Hope you enjoy!

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:08:00 - Microsoft's new portal Microsoft Viva measures productivity but can it measure empathy?

00:10:30 - Mistakes health systems make that cause clinician frustration with the EHR

00:25:30 - What does perfect interoperability look like to a physician?

00:28:00 - CIO Lee Milligan talks building culture and connecting his IT team to the mission of the organization

00:30:30 - Study shows how ransomware impacts patient care

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