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Why Healthcare Organizations Are Launching Innovation Centers

May 29, 2024
Contributed by: Sarah Richardson
UC San Diego Health’s Jacobs Center for Health Innovation (JCHI) has been active in enhancing patient care through technology-driven initiatives. Since its launch in 2021, JCHI implemented an AI sepsis prediction algorithm that reduced sepsis deaths by 17% in emergency departments. The center also rolled out an at-home patient monitoring program and is developing a 24/7 command center to improve care coordination. The innovation uses a hybrid cloud infrastructure, mainly relying on AWS but integrating on-premises systems for comprehensive data management. Current projects include leveraging AI for generative tasks and developing an AI-driven Mission Control Center to manage hospital operations, with an anticipated launch of the full operations hub in 2026. This center aims to continuously foster innovation, improve operational efficiency, and enhance patient outcomes across the healthcare system. Health innovation hubs like the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub and the MaineHealth Innovation Center are being developed nationwide to address key healthcare challenges and integrate advanced technologies. Emory's hub has collaborated on projects involving AI, AR, and VR with healthcare and tech companies to improve patient care and staff productivity. Meanwhile, MaineHealth's Innovation Center supports employees’ projects through funding and partnerships, with initiatives including AR training systems and AI-powered diagnostic tools. These centers
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