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White House advisory group says market forces ‘insufficient’ to drive cybersecurity in critical infrastructure

March 12, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
The White House advisory board, the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, has urged the federal government to create new economic incentive programs and develop liability protections to enhance cybersecurity standards among critical infrastructure owners and operators. The recommendations stem from a report highlighting the failure of market forces to sufficiently motivate private entities to prioritize cybersecurity, the lack of awareness of existing federal support programs, and the complex regulatory landscape that burdens stakeholders in critical infrastructure. The report suggests implementing financial incentives like tax deductions and grants, educating stakeholders on available federal cybersecurity services, and clarifying liability protections for information sharing on cyber threats. These measures aim to address the inconsistent adoption of cybersecurity best practices amid an increasingly threatening landscape, as underscored by recent warnings about foreign cyber threats to U.S. infrastructure.
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