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While Virtual Care is "Table Stakes" in Health Care, Consumers Are Growing More Protective About Data-Sharing -

March 19, 2024
Health Populi
The Rock Health’s ninth annual Consumer Adoption Survey reveals a significant shift in the landscape of virtual care and patient data sharing preferences in the U.S. health care system. As virtual care becomes a standard expectation among patients, the report highlights a growing concern over the willingness to share personal health information, with a notable decline across various demographics and entities compared to previous years. The survey indicates that while over three-quarters of U.S. residents have embraced virtual care for its convenience, there is an increasing demand for more features and a cautious approach towards data privacy. The study also outlines the varying preferences among consumers for virtual versus in-person care services, specifically noting a substantial preference for virtual mental health services. The decrease in willingness to share health data, especially among younger people and people of color, underscores the need for building trust through an omnichannel health care experience and exploring new partnerships to encourage data sharing for advancing health care and research.
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