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What the cybersecurity workforce can expect in 2024

January 16, 2024
Security Intelligence
Contributed by: Bill Russell
2023 saw 5.5 million cybersecurity professionals, biggest yet but still short as study shows required growth rate is 12.6%, achieved only 8.7%. Rise in layoffs faced by companies, thus slowed hiring. Cybersecurity needs up due to increased threats but recession makes employers cautious, plus need for correct skills. Skills in demand: scripting, programming, risk management, security operations, threat analysis, communication and critical thinking. Problems: no job title standard, experience certifications and security clearance required. Industries in need of cybersecurity: finance, healthcare, energy and now digital assets, e-sports and AI technology. Upskilling recommended: train existing employees for new tasks to improve retention. Cybersecurity increasingly specialized, needs include cloud and information security, AI impeachment, data analysis, ethical hackers and app development. Governance framework experience also required. Soft skills like communication are important. Cybersecurity education less in demand, hands-on experience more crucial. Interest, most important for career in this field.
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