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What has UnitedHealth restored and what is next after major hack?

March 18, 2024
UnitedHealth Group has successfully reinstated the pharmacy systems of its Change Healthcare technology unit after a ransomware attack on February 21 disrupted U.S. healthcare system operations. The conglomerate is on track to reactivate its payment platform and begin the restoration of the medical claims network by mid-March, although a complete recovery is anticipated to take several months. Despite the resumption of most pharmacy and payment systems, with over 99% of pre-incident claim volumes flowing, challenges persist for some pharmacies, particularly infusion ones and some Medicaid fee-for-service customers. Additionally, UnitedHealth is addressing issues related to the processing of prescription drug coupons and insurance claims, with most electronic coupons now being processed again and a phased reconnection and testing of the claims system planned for the week of March 18.
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