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What can I do to humanize health care?

April 8, 2024
Medical Economics
In the article by Zeev Neuwirth, MD, the crisis of American healthcare is highlighted, underlining the need for a radical change in approach to address increasing medical debt, healthcare errors, and disparities that are contributing to a decline in life expectancy. Neuwirth discusses foundational principles to humanize healthcare, focusing on building trust, addressing health inequities, and expanding primary care. He presents examples like the Veterans Administration's transformation through the Trust Index and the Whole Health Initiative to provide holistic care, emphasizing the importance of addressing non-clinical factors affecting health. ChenMed’s approach to elder care, shifting language from “walk-in” to “person in need,” showcases simple yet impactful changes towards humanizing healthcare. Neuwirth encourages starting with small, actionable steps towards a humanistic transformation within the healthcare system.
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