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‘We’re in the 1999 of the internet era’: a16z’s Julie Yoo on fintech’s potential and the digital health market

September 24, 2023
Healthcare Dive
Julie Yoo, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, advocates for companies at the healthcare-finance intersection. She joined Andreessen Horowitz in 2019 and has identified key investment opportunities in healthcare fintech. Automation of administrative tasks and rethinking payment models are significant opportunities for fintech startups in healthcare. Healthcare's underserved markets also present potential for disruption. Yoo believes healthcare is at a fintech adoption tipping point with advancements in value-based care. The article outlines challenges, including enterprise inertia and large companies' preference to develop solutions in-house. Despite recent decline in digital health funding, Yoo sees healthy market conditions and predicts booming investment opportunities in the next few years.
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