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UCSF to build novel continuous AI monitoring platform

June 4, 2024
Healthcare IT News
Contributed by: Charles Boicey
UCSF Health, in collaboration with the UCSF Division of Clinical Informatics and Digital Transformation, has received a $5 million donation from Ken and Kathy Hao to develop the Impact Monitoring Platform for AI in Clinical Care (IMPACC). This platform aims to continuously evaluate the efficacy and safety of AI tools used in clinical settings, ensuring they meet intended outcomes and addressing potential risks such as increased health disparities. Led by Julia Adler-Milstein and Dr. Sara Murray, the initiative will initially test IMPACC on current AI tools to provide real-time performance insights. This project addresses the critical need for ongoing AI monitoring protocols in healthcare, offering a scalable solution for assessing the real-world impact of these technologies.
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