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To Transform Care, Health Systems Must Collaborate To Adopt Innovations

March 27, 2024
Health Progress
In the article "To Transform Care, Health Systems Must Collaborate To Adopt Innovations" by Rod Hochman, MD, the essential role of collaboration in advancing health care through technology and innovation is emphasized. Hochman reflects on the pioneering spirit of the Catholic sisters who founded health care institutions, highlighting their adaptability and commitment to serving communities as a model for modern health systems. The article discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid development of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the importance of integrating and utilizing data efficiently, and the strategic establishment of global innovation centers. It underlines Providence St. Joseph Health's efforts to modernize infrastructure, leverage global talent, and advance health care delivery through AI and data analytics while maintaining a commitment to ethical practices and community service. The collaboration between health systems and technology partners is positioned as crucial for harnessing the potential of AI and other technologies to improve patient care and address current health care challenges.
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