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The State Of Play In Spatial Computing/XR In 2024

February 13, 2024
Spatial Computing/XR devices like Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest 3, Magic Leap 2, Varjo XR-4, and Brilliant Labs Frame are defining 2024 as a significant year in this technology field, each reaching towards what could be the 'XR Infinity' design where a device's weight, field of view, resolution, AI capabilities etc. optimize user experience. XR Infinity systems are predicted to materialize from 2028 to 2035, marking the Apollo phase of Spatial Computing/XR. Current heavier devices improve VR display but may cause user fatigue, with an ideal device weighing 200-300g. True AR Spatial Computing, a device blending digital and physical world, is still pursued in devices like Magic Leap 2 and the super light Brilliant Labs Frame, which work towards the end goal of XR Infinity.
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