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The lasting impacts of the pandemic on cybersecurity in healthcare

June 25, 2024
Contributed by: Drex DeFord
GlobalData projects that cybersecurity revenues in the healthcare sector will reach $11 billion by 2027 as cyberattacks become increasingly prevalent. A recent cyber-attack on major London hospitals, including Guy’s, St Thomas’, and the Evelina Children’s Hospital, highlighted the severe impacts such incidents can have, including the rescheduling of surgeries, redirection of organs, and postponement of numerous outpatient appointments. The pandemic-induced shift to remote and virtual care has expanded the technological attack surfaces during a time when security measures were often insufficient. This has led to a rise in cyberattack attempts on healthcare providers, affecting sensitive patient data and critical services. Despite a decrease in focus post-pandemic, cybersecurity remains a significant issue in healthcare due to its increased digitalisation.
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