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The Importance of Proactive Service 2023

September 24, 2023
KLAS Research
KLAS report emphasizes importance of proactive service in HIT vendor excellence. Proactive service impacts customers' perception of a vendor's performance and is a critical differentiator in a crowded tech space. Misconceptions exist about the role of proactive service, technology can't eliminate need for proactive service, and proactive service extends beyond basic product use. Vendors must balance selling more solutions with meeting customers' existing needs. Proactive service underlies vendor offerings and requires continual attention. Automation alone can't facilitate proactive service. High-rated vendors address customer issues promptly, help improve outcomes, and foster strong partnerships. Clear proactive communication of development roadmap and upgrade experience affects customers' retention and willingness to buy. Both vendors and customers should aim for better partnerships. KLAS report, based on interviews with healthcare professionals, measures every aspect of customer experience.
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