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The database you don't want to need: Check to see if your health data was hacked

April 15, 2024
USA Today
In a comprehensive analysis by USA TODAY, it was found that over 144 million Americans had their medical data stolen or exposed in the past year due to a record number of health care data breaches, with the largest incident involving a ransomware attack on Change Healthcare, a major health care payment system. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerability of the health care sector to cyberattacks by increasing reliance on remote and third-party technologies. Data breaches through third-party vendors have seen a significant rise, creating a more interconnected but vulnerable health care ecosystem. These breaches not only compromise patient privacy but also disrupt patient care and pose safety risks. The report highlights the cyber threats posed to the health care industry, which is a prime target for hackers due to the sensitive and financially valuable personal information it holds. The increasing trend of ransomware attacks and the sector's challenging position in resourcing cybersecurity measures are also discussed, alongside steps individuals can take if their medical information has been compromised.
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