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The ChatGPT (Generative Artificial Intelligence) Revolution Has Made Artificial Intelligence...

September 24, 2023
OpenAI's large language model (LLM), ChatGPT, reached 100 million users in two months, outpacing TikTok and Instagram. These LLMs have various applications in industries such as healthcare, assisting in patient diagnosis and suggesting treatment plans. However, LLMs' implications on job roles and patient outcomes have drawn scrutiny. The widespread accessibility of AI tools allows physicians to experience AI-based technologies first-hand. However, limited access and lagging adoption rates still present barriers. Generative AI is improving accessibility, with many AI tools now available to the average medical professional. The impact of generative AI includes the democratization of AI technology, cost-effectiveness, improved data analysis, enhanced communication, and continuous learning. However, this also raises questions regarding patient privacy, legal responsibilities, and copyright ownership. Policymakers must now address these challenges for effective implementation.
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