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The Change Healthcare cyberattack: A timeline

March 18, 2024
Beckers Hospital Review
Contributed by: Bill Russell
The cyberattack against UnitedHealth Group's Change Healthcare, initiated on February 21, has substantially disrupted financial operations across the U.S. healthcare system, affecting hospitals, insurers, pharmacies, and medical groups nationwide. Becker's outlines a timeline detailing the attack's progression, regulatory responses, stakeholder statements, and financial repercussions. As of March, the attack has significantly impacted the financial stability of nearly 94% of surveyed hospitals and directly affected patient care in 74% of those facilities. The federal government has initiated a HIPAA compliance investigation into UnitedHealth and Change, while providers face substantial cash flow challenges due to delayed payments amounting to an estimated $6.3 billion. Stakeholders have criticized the handling of the situation and the lack of substantial support for affected practices, calling for congressional action and further relief measures to mitigate the ongoing impact of the cyberattack.
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